Government Agencies and Laboratories

  • Go >> ^ Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency
    Technical assistance in energetic materials, chem-bio detection and long range strategic strike.
  • Go >>^ Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
    Technical support in the area of hydrodynamic drag reduction on the FastShip Program. Development of technology alternatives for global pre-positioning strategies. Technical support on software architectures for counter-terrorism incident modeling and advanced planning and information support systems.
  • Go >>^ Department of Defense, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics
    System engineering and technical assistance on the Automatic Target Recognition Program. Organization and writing of the Combating Terrorism chapter of the Joint Warfighting Science and Technology Plan. Writing and organization of the DoD Basic Research Plan.
  • Go >>^ Department of Defense, DoD Corporate Fellows Program
    Organization, planning and conduct of technology trends seminars.
  • Go >>^ Office of Naval Research
    Technical support on Extending the Littoral Battlespace ACTD Program. Technical support on the Fast Patrol Craft and DP2 Vertical Takeoff Aircraft Programs. Organization and conduct of a technology seminar on cyanate ester resins for the DP2 Program.
  • Go >>^ United States Air Force, Air Mobility Command
    Force protection vulnerability analysis of the cargo/freight operations at Travis Air Force Base.
  • Go >>^ Sandia National Laboratories
    Technical and management support for a U.S. Army project to design and test an emergency transportable system for destroying chemical warfare munitions. Consulting in chemical and biological warfare defense systems. Coordination on high resolution synthetic aperture radar technology.
  • Go >>^ Office of National Drug Control Policy
    Technical and management support for a congressional mandated study on non-intrusive cargo inspection and drug interdiction technologies. Follow up study on drug interdiction technologies for the Southwest Border. Analysis and assessment of communications interoperability for drug task force applications. Development of a 10 year Science and Technology Plan. Coordination and participation in bi-annual ONDCP International Technology Symposium.
  • Go >>^ United States Customs Service
    Feasibility analysis on the use of intelligent software for border cargo inspections.
  • Go >>^ Federal Aviation Administration
    Study to implement the TWA 800 Gore Commission recommendation to use profiling software and Sun workstations for explosives detection in air freight.
  • Go >>^ United States Trade Development Agency
    Feasibility analysis on the use of non-intrusive inspection technology for the Customs Service of Argentina.

Commercial Organizations

  • Go >> ^ Analytic Services, Inc
    Technical support in the area of new manufacturing technologies and initiatives for defense applications.
  • Go >> ^ Anteon Corporation (now part of GDIT)
    Marketing support in the area of criminal investigative software.
  • Go >> ^ Applied Analysis, Inc
    Technical analysis and marketing support in the area of explosive device detection and imaging technology.
  • Go >> ^ Applied Research Associates, Inc
    Technical support on Sea, Air, Land, Battle Project.
  • Go >> ^ Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State University
    Technical support in maritime technologies.
  • Go >>^ BAE Systems
    Technical assessment and analysis of light activated switching devices. Marketing support on RF tags, trace element detection and advanced signal processing. Technical support on Nuclear Quadrapole Resonance technologies.
  • Go >> ^ Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc
    Technical support to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Department of Homeland Security
  • ^ Comprehensive Technologies International (no longer in business)
    Business development in health care and hospital systems with the government of Argentina.
  • Go >> ^ Concurrent Technologies Corporation(CTC)
    Member of CTC Technical Advisory Board
  • Go >> ^ Electronic Data Systems, S.A. (now part of HP Enterprise Services)
    Technical assistance in the area of identity card imaging and security systems in Argentina.
  • Go >> ^ General Atomics
    Marketing and technical support in sensor systems, autonomous air vehicles and ship systems.
  • Go >> ^ Houston Advanced Research Center
    Development of test protocols and analysis of non-intrusive X-ray inspection systems.
  • Go >> ^ IBM
    Identification and development of data encryption and networking projects with IBM Argentina.
  • ^ Kerrigan & Associates
    Analysis and summary of hearings of the Senate Subcommittee on Disability Policy for the re-authorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • Go >> ^ Lockheed Martin
    Project identification and strategic planning in the area of environmental weapons, UXO remediation and alternative chemical de-militarization technology. Technical support in sensor and tracking technologies.
  • Go >> ^ NCI Information Systems
    Assessment of corporate technical capabilities and development of a long term business strategy.
  • Go >> ^ Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Technical assistance in the areas of Hard Target Defeat and Disruptive Technologies.
  • Go >> ^ Orion Scientific Systems ( Acquired by SRA International, INC )
    Business development and technical analysis in the area of profiling software, distance learning and counter-terrorism group modeling.
  • Go >> ^ Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
    Subject Matter Expert in military systems engineering and integration. Technical support to Defense Deputy Director, Research and Engineering in areas of Model Based Engineering, Platform Based Engineering and Capability on Demand.
  • Go >> ^ Raytheon Corporation
    Identification, development and proposal preparation for a satellite tracking system and a security system with the Government of Argentina. Technical and programmatic support in the areas of combating terrorism and high power microwave systems.
  • Go >> ^ Rolls-Royce North American Technologies Inc.
    Technical review of corporate research and development. Proposal review and red teaming. Strategic marketing assistance.
  • Go >> ^ Science Applications International Corporation
    Business development in the areas of signal processing, neural networks and border control inspection systems. Mentoring to International Technology, Inc.( under the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program.
  • Go >> ^ Scientific Systems Company, Inc.
    Marketing and technology review for DoD customers.
  • Go >> ^ Sensis Corporation (now part of Saab)
    Project identification in radar sensor technology for defense and homeland security applications. Proposal review and red teaming, project technical review and system engineering.
  • Go >> ^ SETA Corporation (Acquired by Apptis Corporation)
    Development of briefing on IV&V techniques for the U.S. Coast Guard( VTS 2000 Program. Proposal preparation to U.S. Secret Service( on multi-agency communications interoperability.
  • Go >> ^ SRA International
    Identification and business development in the area of artificial intelligence, data visualization, profiling software, text retrieval and analysis systems.
  • Go >> ^ SRI International
    Business development and technical support in rapid prototyping and software integration.
  • Go >> ^ Strategic Marketing Innovations, Inc
    Business development; technology portfolio review.
  • Go >> ^ TASC, Inc.
    Technical support to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in energetics and counter WMD.
  • Go >> ^ Technology Service Corporation
    Identification and business development in the area of radar systems engineering and analysis.
  • Go >> ^ The CNA Corporation
    Identification and development of business opportunities in air traffic control system analysis.
  • Go >> ^ The Johnson Company
    Identification and development of an environmental impact project for Iguazu National Park, Argentina.
  • Go >> ^ The MITRE Corporation
    Engineering study of the national air traffic control systems of Israel and Germany. Development and presentation of technical seminars in flight data processing and surveillance systems.
  • Go >> ^ The Potomac Advocates
    Business development; technology portfolio review.
  • Go >> ^ The Titan Corporation (now part of L3 Communications)
    Identification and business development in the area of communication systems.
  • Go >> ^ Tony Tether & Associates
    Classroom instruction and project analysis in technology innovation and transition for the Ministry of Defense, Government of Singapore.
  • Go >> ^ Trident Systems Inc.
    Evaluation and planning of internal corporate research and development. Assistance in recruiting mid-high level technical personnel. Technical analysis and review of foilage penetration radar project.
  • Go >> ^ Trinity Technology Group
    Support in business development and proposal preparation.
  • Go >> ^ Versar Corporation
    Strategic marketing plan for interactive website in the area of Homeland Defense. Identification and business development for GEOMET Technologies (, a Versar subsidiary, in the area of personnel protective clothing and chemical/biological decontamination.